APM 460 DXNL Specification

Flow Rate

Free flow (with flow stabilization disabled) > 1.3 m3 /min. 1.0 m3 /min with Filter Paper installed and Flow Controller enabled

Flow Rate Control

The system will automatically maintain the flow rate constant and compensate for dust load deposited on the filter. When the dust load increases beyond the capacity of the blower the flow rate will begin to decrease and the system will automatically be shutdown if the flow rate tends to drop below 0.85 m3 /min

Particle Size

Particles of 10 microns & below collected on Filter Paper holder. SPM bigger than 10 microns collected in a separate sampling bottle under the cyclone

Sampling Time

28 hours (maximum)

Sampling Time Record

0 to 9999.99 hrs. recorded on a Time Totalizer

Power requirement

Nominal 220 V, Single Phase, 50Hz AC mains supply. For proper operation and safety a good earth connection is mandatory

Size & Weight

400 x 300 x 650mm., 60Kg

Automatic Sampling

24 hrs programmable timer to automatically shut off the system after pre-Control set time interval


One year