APM 460 PUF Specification

Flow Rate

200 - 300 liters/min user adjustable via suitable motor speed control

Particle Fractionater

A cyclone device designed for flow range of 200-250 liter/min for fractionating dust into two fractions. PM10 dust is accumulated on the filter paper while coarse dust is collected in a cup placed under the cyclone.

Puf Cartridge

Polyurethane foam for trapping the low molecular weight PAH and PCBs Size: 60mm diameter length about 75mm.

Puf Housing

Housing of APM 460PUF is compatible with Standard borosilicate glass cartridges available from SKC or other international vendors. It is lined with Teflon and fitted at the bottom of filter adapter casting.

Recommended Filter

Any standard 100mm diameter filter.

Elapsed Time Indicator

Electromechanical Time Totalizer (0 to 9999.99 hours) accurate upto 0.6 minute gives actual operation time of the sampler.

Automatic sampling time control

A programmable Digital Timer is used to shut off the sampler after a preset sampling interval.


Brushless induction motor driven with inbuilt over temperature protection.

Power Requirements

Nominal, 220V,Single Phase, 50-Hz AC mains supply. Power consumption is 400 watts

Overall Size

Approximately 430 x 320 x 930mm


45 kg


One year