APM 550 MINI Specification

Size Selective inlets

Omni-directional air inlet with PM 10 separation through an impactor followed by PM 2.5 separation through a WINS Impactor

Flow Rate

Constant sampling rate of 1 m3/hr maintained by critical orifice system and displayed on a rotameter requires no maintenance

Vacuum Pump

Oil Free, light weight pump driven by brushless induction motor

Power requirement

Nominal 220 V, Single Phase, 50Hz AC mains supply. For proper operation and safety a good earth connection is mandatory

Size & Weight

Compact & Light: Single unit compact cabinet made of Aluminum is light and robust


One year

Time totalizer

Records the actual time duration of each sample

Provision to attach Gaseous Sampler

In-built valve and piping for use of a gaseous sampling attachment for monitoring SO2, NOx, NH3, Ozone etc