APM 586 Specification

Sampling Rate

Constant sampling rate of 1 liter per minute, unaffected by voltage fluctuation maintained by critical orifice system.

Filter Media

Filter holder designed to accept any standard 47 mm diameter (EPM 2000) filter disc.

Sample Volume

Dry Gas meter records the total air volume sampled.

Composite Sampling

Programmable timer is available to program, start and shut off sampler for composite sampling as per requirement (Optional).

Power Requirement

Single phase AC 220 volts, 50 Hertz supply. Sampler unaffected by +/- 10% fluctuation in supply voltage OR with 12V sealed Rechargeable Battery with battery backup of 30 days operations.

Dimension: (W X D X H) in cm. with Impactor & Inlet

35 X 26 X 87, with Inlet: 35 X 26 X 58 Weight: 10 kg (approx.) Solar Panel along with battery can also be optionally provided to run this sampler at remote locations.


One year