APM 802 Specification

Flow Rate Range

20 to 500 ml/min.


LCD 16 characters, 4 line display. The instrument constantly displays flow rate and total volume of air sampled

Operation Mode

Continuous and compositing. In continuous mode air sample is collected continuously at a flow rate set by the user. In Compositing Mode, the pump is operated as per programmable ON & OFF cycle. So a composited sample consisting of small spaced out samples is automatically collected. The instrument displays and records the total volume of air sampled.


The APM 802 VOC Sampler is provided with a re-chargeable Li-ion battery pack. The instrument will operate for 10 hours in continuous mode and 24 hours in compositing mode with a fully charged battery. A built-in battery status facility allows the user to check useable battery life and automatically prompts the user when the battery is running low. To prevent battery damage the instrument will automatically shut-down when the battery voltage drops to a pre-set level.

Flow Control

Continuously adjustable with a precision needle valve.


In built digital timer can be programmed to Start / Stop pump operation at a pre-set time.

Elapsed Time Indicator

Sample operation period in minutes displayed on LCD.

Choice of Sampling Media

The APM 802 sampler allows the user to use adsorbing media such as charcoal tubes or collect a filtered air sample in Tedlar Bags. A Filter holder designed for 25mm diameter filters is provided with the system.