APM 856 Specification

Flow Rate Range

20 to 200ml/min continuously adjustable with a precision needle valve provided for flow control.


LCD 20 characters, 2 line display. The instrument constantly displays flow rate and total volume of air sampled.

Operation Mode

Continuous and compositing. In continuous mode air is passed continuously through the adsorbing media with a flow rate set by the user. In Compositing Mode, the user programs the ON & OFF cycle and the built in Microcontroller operates the system cycle of ON & OFF periods for a duration that is also programmable. So a long term averaged sample consisting of small spaced out samples is automatically collected. The instrument displays and records the total volume of air sampled.

Charcoal Tube

The APM 856 is supplied with two types of charcoal tubes. Stainless Steel tubes provided with the instrument can be directly inserted into Thermal Desorbers attached to Chromatographs. After desorption the tubes can be re-activated for immediate re-use. Alternatively the user can order glass tubes packed with activated charcoal. The contents of the tube are removed from the glass tube after sampling for desorption in Carbon Disulphide. The tubes can be re-packed with fresh activated charcoal for re-use.


The APM 856 Organic Vapour Sampler is provided with a rechargeable NiMH battery pack. The instrument will operate for 8 hours or more with a fully charged battery. A built-in battery status facility allows the user to check useable battery life and automatically prompts the user when the battery is running low. To prevent battery damage the instrument will automatically shut-down when the battery voltage drops to a pre-set level.


One year