WM 271 Specification

​Sensors supported

Wind Speed : Envirotech WS-10 range 0 to 100 Km/hr.                

Wind Direction: Envirotech WD10 range 0 to 360 degrees with 1 degree resolution

Temperature & RH: Envirotech WT10 range 0 to 50 C with resolution of 0.1 C and 0 to 100% RH with 1% resolution ​Solar Radiation: Li-Cor, USA Solar Radiation Sensor
Barometric Pressure:  Met One, USA Barometric Pressure Sensor
Rainfall: Envirotech RF10 range 0 to 50 mm/hrwith 0.5 mm resolution

The standard WM271 system is supplied with Sensors for Wind Speed, Direction, Temperature and Relative Humidity. Other sensors for Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation & Rainfall are optional and can be provided at extra cost

​Memory Capacity

​Forty five days storage of all parameters in non-volatile flash memory.

​Real Time Sync

​Built-in battery backed Real time clock ensures data is synchronized with real-time even after periods of prolonged power failure


​Windows XP compatible, Envirotech MetLog software is provided for data download to a PC and analysis. MetLog supports communication via PSTN, GSM modems and direct cable connection to RS232 / USB ports. Analysis tools include export to MS Excel, Graphs, Monthly Averages & Windrose Diagrams

​Power requirement

​WM 271 is powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack that can keep the system operating for about 15 hours. The standard system is supplied with a main powers based charger. An optional Solar Panel based charger can also be provided

​Robust design

​WM 271 is especially designed to be used on table tops or mounted on a pole for continuous stand-alone operation. Further, emphasis is given on the control of the instrument through a computer rather than direct interaction of an operator with the instrument


​One year