APM 433

Stand-alone equipment for monitoring inorganic gaseous pollutants with
Thermo- Electric cooling system to increase the efficiency of absorption

The APM 433 Gaseous Pollutants Sampler has been designed for monitoring Gaseous Pollutants like SO2, NO2, Cl2, H2S, O3, NH3 etc. in ambient air. The APM 433 is an independent stand-alone monitoring instrument (unlike our gaseous sampling attachments APM 411 and APM 411 TE that need to be paired with a dust sampler).

APM 433
APM 802
Beta Attenuation Particulate Monitor
APM 801
APM 577
APM 550 EL
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Absorbers Provided

3 Nos. of 35ml borosilicate glass impingers as per BIS 5182 (Part 6) 2006 and 1 fritted disc impinger Optionally an additional amber glass impinger is provided for monitoring Ozone

Sampling Rate of each Impinger

0.2 -2.0 lpm measured using acrylic body rotameter

Sampling Train

A manifold having four inlets and one out let manifold with built in needle valves for flow control of each inlet

Sampling Time

28 hours (maximum)

Sampling Time Record

0 to 9999.99 Hrs

Automatic Sampling Control

24 hr programmable timer to automatically shut off the system after preset interval

Power Requirement

Nominal 220 V, Single Phase, 50Hz AC mains supply. For proper operation and safety a good earth connection is mandatory


One year