​Envirotech has established itself as an expert in Air Pollution Monitoring in India and has as such been recognized by regulatory bodies and leading research institutions. Here are a few examples of this recognition:

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

For past several years senior personnel from EIPL have been nominated to the expert committee of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) entrusted with the task of formulating Standards & Test Methods for various Air Pollutants.

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)

​Envirotech is represented on the CPCB Committee entrusted with the task of formulating the Standard for PM2.5 and recommending appropriate monitoring methodology.

Department for Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)

​Envirotech’s in-house R&D centre has heen recognized by DSIR

​National Pysical Laboratory (NPL)

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

​The National Physical Laboratory of India, situated in New Delhi, is the measurement standards laboratory of India.

Senior Personnel of EIPL

​travel to all parts of the country to deliver expert lectures at seminars and courses organized by Industry / Institutions

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Over the years, Envirotech has collaborated with several leading research institutions for development of its products. Some key examples of such collaboration include: Envirotech’s in-house R&D centre has been recognized by DSIR

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)

IIT Delhi

IIT Roorkee