Serinus 30 CO analyzer

Serinus 30 carbon monoxide analyser, developed and manufactured by Ecotech in Australia, delivers precise and reliable performance at excellent value. It uses proven NDIR gas filter correlation technology to measure CO in ambient air (LDL <40 ppb, range 0-200ppm)

Serinus 30 CO analyzer

SLM 100
APM 411
APM 411 TE
APM 433
APM 802
Beta Attenuation Particulate Monitor
APM 801
APM 577
APM 550 EL
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  • US EPA approval (RFCA–0509–174)
  • EN approval (Sira MC 100166/02)
  • Australian Standard: AS 3580.7.1-2011

Special features of Serinus series analyzers:

  • Minimises time spent on site performing maintenance through superior remote instrument control, diagnostic viewing and calibration
  • Comprehensive data logging and remote viewing of over 200 operational parameters
  • Versatile interfacing through RS232, USB, Bluetooth, analogue and optional TCP/IP
  • Instant display of operational status using illuminated traffic lights on the front panel
  • Removable flash memory stores 10 years of data
  • Reduced cost of spare parts, accessories and consumable items through extensive use of standard components across the Serinus range
  • Sample pump versatility—choose either an external sample pump suitable for use by multiple analysers or the optional low power internal pump