APM 550 EL Specification

Size Selective inlets

PM 10 Impactor and WINS Impactor for PM 2.5 conform to USEPA design

Flow Rate

1 m3/hr maintained by microprocessor based electronic controller Auto shut-off of sampler if flow rate drops by more than 10% from designed value of 16.7 LPM

Vacuum Pump

Oil Free, non-pulsating pump driven by induction motor for stable flow rate

Power requirement

Nominal 220 V, Single Phase, 50Hz AC mains supply. For proper operation and safety a good earth connection is mandatory

Automatic Sampling

In-built system to control start and stop times of sampler

Volumetric flow rate compensation

Performed automatically by the system using Sensors for Ambient Temp., Barometric Pressure and Filter Pressure

Elapsed time indicator

Real Time clock based. Operating time for each sample in hours and minutes is recorded

Flow recorder

USB flash memory based system records flow rate, volume of air sampled, air temperature, filter temperature, filter pressure and barometric pressure

Volume Totalizer

MCU unit totalizes and displays volume of air sampled


Large 40 Ch. X 4 line back lit LCD provides all system parameters at a glance

Software and reporting

PC based software provides intelligent report of all system parameters recorded during. Summary of run time parameters provided at end of sample duration


One year