As a professional group, Envirotech has striven to provide strong service support to ensure that instruments in field remain operational throughout the year in different parts of the country. Therefore, company has encouraged competent young professionals and trained them to assume responsibilities for servicing of Envirotech products in different parts of country. We now have a well distributed support network. 

Envirotech provides one year warranty for all its products. Anything found defective in manufacture or in workmanship is repaired or replaced during the warranty period. Thereafter, users can get into Anual Maintenance Contract with the company to seek service support for operation and maintenance of their instruments.

From time to time Envirotech organises free service camps in almost all states of country, often reaching out to small towns and district centres in the countryside.

To raise a technical or support request regarding your Envirotech product please complete the form below and our Technical Support Team will be in contact with you soon.Please include as much detail as possible to aid us in resolving your issue. Please provide the model number as well as serial number of the instrument. 

We aim to respond to your support request within 24 hours.