​​SLM 100

Class: 'Type 2' Measures Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Sound Exposure Level (SEL)

​SLM 100

SLM 100
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The SLM100 Sound Level Meter has been designed for ease in field operation. All features considered essential for field surveys have been included. The SLM100 is a “Type 2” Integrating Sound Level Meter designed to meet the requirements of IS 15575 (Part1) 2005. The instrument has a frequency weighting of “A” type and allows the user to select Slow or Fast mode of measurement. A built-in Data Logger can record all the important Sound Level parameters in Non-Volatile Flash memory for 24 hours making detailed field data collection very simple. Each record consists of the LEQ, MIN and MAX Sound Pressure Level and Sound Exposure Level (SEL) observed during the recording interval. A built-in Real Time Clock maintains a Date and Time stamp in the recorded data.

Special Features:

  • Simple to operate instrument gives readings of Sound Pressure Level (SPL), LEQ and SEL on a digital display
  • Frequency Weighting “A type” and Time Weighting for SLOW and FAST mode provided as per requirements of BIS 15575 (Part1) 2005
  • Data recording facility with multiple file storage
  • Sufficient memory to record 24 hour data at 1 minute intervals – capable for remote monitoring
  • Data transfer to PC via RS 232 port for detailed Analysis and report preparation
  • Windows based software to analyze data and prepare reports
  • 16 Character by 2 line digital display allows the instrument to give suitable prompts