APM 430

Brush less and reduced noise motor with detachable gable roof

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High Volume Samplers are the basic instruments used for monitoring dust in Ambient Air.They are in widespread use all over the world. In these samplers, air borne suspended particulate (SPM) are measured by passing air at high flow rate through a high efficiency filter paper which retains the particles and provisions have been made for simultaneous sampling of gaseous pollutants also.

Envirotech APM 430 has a continuous duty blower with brushless motorto ensure continous woking upto 28 hours. Noise level has also been reduced by using noiseless blower.It also has provision for gaseous sampling for eg. NOx  It is more compact and lighter can be carried in a car trunk and is ideal for field use.


  • Unique flow measurement system using an orifice plate directly calibrated in cu mt/minute 
  • Anodized aluminum body & frame work to support various parts of Sampler to withstand weathering effects
  • Separation of gable roof from main housing, making the system more rugged & compact for easy transportation
  • 24 hr programmable timer
  • Reduced noise
  • Less variation in flow
  • Silicone tubing in place of PVC tubing
  • Lighting facility to facilitate monitoring in the absence of ambient light
  • Provision to perform gaseous sampling using gaseous sampling attachment APM 411. - Modular