APM 1100

Constant exposure to particulate matter which is not visible by naked eye emitting  from different sources and sizes affects a living beings in several ways.Different studies have shown these airborne particles that penetrate human respiratory tract of different size fraction and classified according to aerodynamicx diameter. The Envirotech Cascade Impactor (ECI) sampling device can be used to collect particles based on their aerodynamic sizes as deposited in respiratory tract of human beings. 


  • Face mask bacterial filtration efficiency.
  • Filter and clean room efficiency studies.
  • Hospital environments
  • Agricultural emissions
  • Indoor and Ouitdoor air quality studies
  • Animal care laboratories
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Manbufacturing industries include pharmaceuticals,cosmetics food processing and brewery etc.


  • 6-Stage impactor with 400 pores per stage as per specified criteria for efficient collection of Air borne viable particles.
  • Aerodynamic particle sizing.
  • Particle collection on filter paper & bio-aerosols on petri dishes filled with culture medium.
  • Sampling at a flow rate of 28.3 LPM.
  • Supplied with Sampling Assembly.
  • Designed & Developed by NPL and produced indigeneously by Envirotech Instruments.

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The ECI is a multiple size selective sampling stage.Each stage contains highly precise 200 small round jets. When air is drawn through the sampler to the stages ,the particles bigger in size deposit on the collection plate (impaction surface). Together multiple round jets and collection plates are called impactors.The sampler requires exact flow rate of 28.3 litre per minute (1 CFM). 

Based on the application,different impaction surfaces can be used to collect the size separated airborne particle fractions. Reusabale glass dishes for bioaerosol measurement and optical analysis ,glass fiber ,quartz,PTFE filter for dry collection of airborne particles ,metal plates for hybrid measurement of bioaerosol and dry collection of airborne particles.

Stages No.

Collected Particle Size(µm)

D50 Cutpoint(µm)





                   4.7 - 7.1



                   3.3 - 4.7



                   2.1 - 3.3



                   1.1 - 2.1



                   0.65 - 1.1