APM 460

Cyclone based Separation (NEERI Design)Brushless Blower

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With more than 1000 instruments of this model currently operating in the field, the APM 460 gained acceptability from academic institutes consultants and a wide spectrum of industries besides country-wide use by the Pollution Control Boards and the National Ambient Air Monitoring Program.
Feedback from this large body of users indicated that frequent brush wear and limited armature life of blowers used in the earlier models were the main problems encountered in field operation. This resulted in frequent downtime of the machine. Envirotech now manufactures the APM 460 with a new Blower using a Brushless, continuous rated induction motor to significantly reduce equipment downtime, maintenance efforts and inconvenience to community. The brushless blower of the APM 460 also substantially reduces the audible noise. A thermal cut-out has been incorporated to protect the Blower motor from burnout due to overheating. With the improved motor design the instrument no longer needs a voltage stabilizer resulting in cost saving and lowering the weight of the field instrument. The cabinet design has been improved to prevent entry of rainwater and dust into the machine.

The APM 460 sampler uses an improved cyclone with sharper cutoff (D50 at 10 microns) to separate the coarser particulates from the air stream before filtering it on the glass microfibre filter.

Special features:

  • Brushless blower reduces equipment downtime and maintenance effor
  • Significantly reduced Noise
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to TVs totally eliminated
  • Over temperature cut-off protects Blower
  • Smaller cabinet size makes it easier to carry the instrument from one site to another
  • Lockable Top cover and Gaseous attachment
  • Improved cabinet is more weather resistant and durable with SS hardware