APM 460 NL 

Noiseless PM 10 sampler;

Cyclone based Separation (NEERI Design)

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The APM 460NL uses an IMPORTED brushless, continuous rated induction motor driven blower to significantly reduce equipment downtime, maintenance efforts and inconvenience to community with significantly reduced noise. This new improved PM 10 sampler avoids problems arising due to frequent brush wear and limited armature life of blowers and noise.

Special features:

  • Significantly reduced noise as compared to most PM 10 instruments in the market.
  • Blower with in-built thermal cut-off eliminating the need for a stabilizer.
  • Brushless blower reduces equipment downtime and maintenance effort.
  • Lockable top cover and gaseous attachment.
  • Improved cabinet design which is more sturdy and durable with SS hardware.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to TVs totally eliminated

Additional advantage with this blower is very low variation in flow rate in 190-230V input power supply range.

Owing to its modular design, APM 460NL can be easily paired with a gaseous sampling attachment (for monitoring SO2, NOx, NH3, Ozone etc) as gaseous sampling requires only a few LPM of air flow. This is possible through an attachable subsidiary unit APM 411 or the more modern APM 411TE. Kindly refer to respective brochures of APM 411 and APM 411TE for details.