SLM 109

SLM 109 is a Class 1 integrating sound level meter. It complies with the IEC61672 as well as ANSI S 1.4 standards. The instrument features an industrially designed housing and offers a high level of comfort and style.

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IEC 61672 Class 1, IEC 60651 Class 1, and IEC 60804 Class 1

ANSI S 1.4 Class 1 and ANSI S 1.43 Class 1

Measurement range

30 dB to 140 dB (Expandable to 160 db by using a ¼ inch microphone) Dynamic range of 100 dB

Accuracy and resolution

Accuracy of ± 1.0 dB Resolution of 0.1 dB

Frequency range

10 Hz – 20 kHz

Measurement functions

Sound Pressure Level (SPL), LEQ, LN, PEAK, MAX, MIN, RMS, SD Simultaneous measurement of three profiles with independent sets of filters and detector time constants

Frequency weighting

A, C, Z – can be measured in parallel

Time Weighting

Fast, Slow, Impulse – can be measured in parallel

Integration time

Programmable (1s to 24h)

Octave filter

1/1 octave at 5 points of frequency: 31.5 Hz, 63 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz

Sampling frequency

48 kHz

LCD display

160x160 mm LCD, with backlight. Can display the measurement with 0.1 dB resolution

Analysis rate

64 times per second


Inbuilt 4GB storage through a Micro SD card

Export data

Use adapter (Micro SD to SD card sets), or directly connect the computer to read the memory card data files; RS 232 interface

Post processing software

Comes with a processing software to read the stored data and generate reports


Adjustable over 30-130dB range. The power light will turn red when the measurement value is larger than or equal to the alarm value set


In built timer with current date and time displayed on the main screen. Also has an auto-power off mode that can be set manually


4*1.5V AA alkaline batteries, sustainable use of more than 18 hours. Includes a low battery indicator. Rechargeable battery option available It can also run on an external 7-14V DC power adapter


Auto calibration using 94 dB and 114 dB external calibrators


300 x 70 x 36 mm


About 620g, including batteries

Standard accessories

Carrying case and windscreen (included) Calibrator, tripod stand and spare microphone (available separately)


One year