Provided with digital display, it monitors temperature, velocity and total quantity of emissions from stationary sources

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The Velocity Monitor VVM1 is designed to determine the velocity of flue gases in stationary sources. In situations where determination of rate of flow inside a chimney alone is of interest, this instrument can be used very conveniently to measure the total quantity/volume of the emissions. The Digital Manometer is capable of reading flue gas velocities as low as 3m/s and upto a maximum of 50m/s.

Velocity Monitor VVM1 is provided with a Digital Pyrometer and a Thermocouple capable of sensing temperatures up to 600 degree Celsius. It uses a thermocouple connected to a Digital pyrometer for measuring the flue gas temperature. The pyrometer provides automatic cold junction compensation and displays temperature in degrees centigrade.


  • Handy & Compact
  • Digital Pressure Cell instead of cumbersome liquid manometer
  • No threaded couplers
  • Gives reliable and highly accurate readings
  • Carrying case for easy portability